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Scholarship Recipient Abbey Spencer
Scholarship Recipients

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University of California, Davis Extension Scholarship Recipient Announced

The Pink Boots Society is proud to announce that Abbey Spencer of St. Louis, MO is the recipient of the 2015 University of California, Davis Extension Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing course scholarship.

Chosen by the PBS Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC), five very experienced women beer professionals who hold positions as brewers, educators and writers, they chose Abbey to receive this scholarship due to her “excellent blend of Cicerone training, collaborative beer experience,” and that she is “about to embark upon a challenging career of helping a small brewery startup.”

That brewery startup is set to open in early 2016 and Abbey has accepted the position of brewer, something she was at first hesitant about due to her lack of commercial brewing experience. Since then she been doing everything she can to prepare herself, including applying for the scholarship. “Knowing my personality and slight tendencies toward perfectionism, I know I might never feel truly “ready,” but I want to push myself as much as I can for this opportunity of a lifetime. The UC Davis course is one of many steps I plan to take to make this really happen,” said Abbey.

While she may be lacking in commercial brewing experience, Abbey is an avid homebrewer that has turned her entire basement into a beer storage and brewing facility, repurposing the bathroom as her fermentation room and establishing a dedicated sour corner. She joined the homebrew club, St. Louis Brews, about which she says, “I have learned more about brewing and tasting beer from The Brews than I could have ever imagined. The club sponsored my BJCP training and testing which allowed me to hone my palate. I am currently a Recognized BJCP judge, working toward my full certification.”

The University of California, Davis Extension Intensive Brewing Science for Practical Brewing course is a five day on-site course that offers an intensive introduction to the sciences of brewing, engineering and brewing practice. Attendees will learn the technological and biochemical aspects of the entire brewing process from world renowned instructors Drs. Charles Bamforth and Michael Lewis. In addition to formal lectures, the course includes a tour of a famous craft brewery and beer tasting with a professional sensory scientist.

In addition to attending the course, Abbey will receive a pair of pink steel-toe rubber boots when she fulfills the Pay It Forward requirement associated with the scholarship.

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