Pink Boots Society Turns 8!!
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Sibyl Perkins
Pink Boots Society Turns 8!!
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PBS 8th Anniversary

It might be hard to believe, but Pink Boots Society is having our 8th birthday on June 16th this month.  This professional brewing industry group has come a long way since it’s beginning, growing across the globe, raising scholarship funds, educating and connecting women in all positions on our platform, and adding an average of 150 new members each month.

So Ladies, at 8pm LOCAL time, all over the world on June 16th, let’s raise our pints and toast to one another and a bright future for all!  Post pictures, tweets, and messages of all kinds with the hashtag #PinkBootsAnniversary8, and let’s enjoy this birthday celebrating together!   The number eight on it’s side, is also the symbol for infinity, which describes something without limits and with no end.  May Pink Boots Society be an infinite path of success for it’s members as we continue to grow, connect, and support each other in our professional lives and beyond.


“It started as an accident, but it has grown to be a subculture in the brewing world.  The Pink Boots Society turns eight years old on June 16, 2015.  That was the day that founder, Teri Fahrendorf, an accomplished Brewmaster of nearly 20 years, met fellow female brewer Laura Ulrich, who was working at Stone Brewing. It was a part of a road trip that Fahrendorf undertook that summer to meet up with brewers from around the country, and represent her gender.”

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