Inspiration Begins in Your Boots!
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Sibyl Perkins
Inspiration Begins in Your Boots!
Women In Beer
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Another great article on the roots of our boots!  Thanks for empowering women in the craft beer industry, Teri!  Education and communication are catapulting us through that glass ceiling.

“While Teri knew that women worked at breweries across the country, the women she met didn’t realize that other female brewers actually existed. As a result, they all asked Teri the same question: how many of us are out there? Teri had no idea so she started tracking the women brewers she met along her trip. Her initial list of 60 women became the inspiration behind the Pink Boots Society.  In 2007, Teri founded the Pink Boots Society, an international non-profit organization that empowers women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education. The organization’s name was inspired by Teri’s pink boots she wore throughout her trip.  In 2008, she invited the women she met on her trip to participate in their first meeting at the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego. They brainstormed and discussed the challenges they faced as women in the beer industry. As a result, they realized the industry needed a stronger female voice.”

“We never had a meeting with all estrogen in the room. We wanted to create an organization just for women. If we didn’t stand for something, then we didn’t stand for anything. It was important to differentiate ourselves in the industry.”

Read full article HERE.

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