Last Chance to Apply for Siebel!
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Sibyl Perkins
Last Chance to Apply for Siebel!
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Hey Ladies!!  The window of opportunity for the scholarship to the Siebel World Brewing Academy Web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology is closing!

This is a Web-based online course in English, and applications must be submitted by March 4th at 11:45 PST.  Imagine that!  You can enhance your knowledge of brewing technology or gear up in preparation for advanced-level programs like the Diploma and Master Brewer programs, or even the UK-based Institute of Brewing and Distilling exams. Keep in mind, this course is intermediate level so applicants would greatly benefit from existing knowledge of brewing processes and/or related sciences.

“The WBA Web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology was created by the instructional staff of the Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich and utilizes a mix of textual instructions, streaming video presentations narrated by some of the best instructors in brewing and synchronous chat sessions between students and faculty. Students will gain the knowledge and confidence to work effectively in the world of commercial brewing in this course that covers topics ranging from business of beer, alcohol and health, CIP programs and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. This intensive three-month course begins August 16, 2015 and completes November 15, 2015. The student’s progress is actively monitored by student facilitators, allowing them to directly consult with the student as required and instructors also work with students to ensure full comprehension of the topic. We encourage our International members to apply for all web-based courses. Please visit Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology for more information. This course is offered in English.”

The course runs August 16 – November 15, 2015 and is entirely on line!  Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to advance your knowledge AND your skills!!

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  1. I thought today was the last day to apply? When did it change to March 4th?

  2. I tried to submit my application, but when I hit the “submit” button, nothing happened. Is there a way for me to verify that my application went through? My email is langeallison at gmail dot com. Thanks

  3. Was the lucky Siebel recipient ever announced?

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