THANK YOU Denise Ratfield!!
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Sibyl Perkins
THANK YOU Denise Ratfield!!
Women In Beer


Hello there, Pink Boots Women!

It is with great respect and heartfelt gratitude we wish our Super Star and Pink Boots Society Queen, Denise Ratfield, farewell from her post as our Social Media Coordinator Extraordinaire!

Denise is a passionate craft brewing professional who started in the industry in 1995 with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Today she proudly works for Stone Brewing Co. in San Diego, and in the midst of her Brewceptionist responsibilities there, she volunteered as our Social Media Coordinator and in addition to those roles, she masterminded an amazing accomplishment for us in 2014!   By organizing over 70 breweries from around the world for International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, she initiated funds raised world wide from Unite Pale Ale on International Women’s Day, March 8th,  which will be awarded to women throughout the year in the brewing community in the form of scholarships to further their brewing careers.

In August of 2014, Denise brought Pink Boots Society to New Zealand and helped launch the new chapter at Beervana, their largest craft beer festival. She also worked tirelessly with the Beervana organization to increase female attendance. At the end of 2014, with a request from brewery owners in Mexico, Denise once again traveled internationally to bring Pink Boots Society and awareness of women in brewing to their burgeoning craft beer community. With a collaboration brew on both sides of the border, she helped bring a focus to what the women of Mexico are accomplishing.  Denise has spent the past year uniting Pink Boots Society to women in our industry world wide!

Denise has a new mission to empower many more women to pursue careers in the beer industry and encourage more men to support these talented and capable members of the brewing industry. Her experience across the borders over the past year has sparked Denise to move beyond our PBS social media post to focus her attention on helping more women around the world become involved!  Her accomplishment and vigor for women in the craft beer industry around the world is nothing short of AWESOME!
She also hopes to change the perception of beer to women consumers and recognizes that this untapped market will greatly benefit the industry as a whole.
Denise is now moving on from our Social Media Coordinator position, so please help us welcome her as our new IWCBD Coordinator. Along with the co-creator of IWCBD, Sophie De Ronde of the UK, IWCBD is now
the LARGEST fundraising event for Pink Boots each year! The theme for 2015 International Women’s Day is “Make It Happen.”  Now isn’t that appropriate?
Please join us in thanking Denise Ratfield for her tremendous efforts on behalf of women in brewing, the beer industry, and Pink Boots Society. We can’t do it without you!
​Follow Denise’s adventures here:

THANK YOU DENISE!!!  You are a precious resource and an outstanding member of Pink Boots Society!!

CHEERS to you and all your new endeavors!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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