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Sibyl Perkins
Judy Neff Talks Scholarship
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Judy Neff, a recent recipient of one of Pink Boots Society scholarships, is now joining the latest wave of craft breweries set to open across the nation.  She talks in depth about her experience, the people she met and learned from at the Oregon State University Craft Brewery Start-Up Workshop, and the future she is more prepared for than ever!

“Who hasn’t thought of opening up a brewery or brewpub?  I certainly have and was lucky enough to win a scholarship awarded by the Pink Boots Society for the Oregon State University Craft Brewery Start-Up Workshop.  I took a week off of work and jumped on a plane from Baltimore to Bend Ore., with my business plan and a list of questions in hand.  About 25 people from all over the country- the Northeast, South, Midwest and West Coast- as well as Canada, Mexico and the Philippines, gathered to start the week that would change many of our lives forever.”

“The Pink Boots Society scholarship and support afforded me the opportunity to move forward with my goal to open a brewery, and this course increased my chances of success.  Cheers to the Pink Boots Society for supporting women in craft beer!”

CHEERS to you, Judy, and to a bright future in craft brewing!!

Read the full article in the Celebrator Beer News HERE



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