New Scholarship Window is OPEN!
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Sibyl Perkins
New Scholarship Window is OPEN!
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Hello Pink Boots Society Members!!  
We have another scholarship opportunity and the window is OPEN for applications until October 31st!!  
This web-based, on line Cicerone Beer Savvy program is self paced and available to ANY PBS member world wide.  
This course will enhance your knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings and the language to clearly discuss beer.
This course is perfect for any brewery owner, beer bar manager, bartender, server, beer writer, beer educator, beer distributor, brewery sales representative or beer chef.  
Details, you ask?  See below:
In partnership with the Cicerone Program, Pink Boots Society is pleased to announce its next 2014 scholarship opportunity:
Course Format: Web-based Online Course
Course Dates: Any time
Scholarship Application Window: October 5-31, 2014. Closes at 11:45 pm PDST.
Course Information:
Course Location: Your Computer (the world)
Apply Here: The Cicerone Beer Savvy online course is web-based and easily available to PBS members in any nation. We encourage our International members to apply for all web-based courses. All USA courses will be offered in English only. As a condition of accepting the scholarship the recipient will pay a deposit in the amount of $200 USD. Upon receipt verifying successful completion of the course the recipient will receive full deposit reimbursement from Pink Boots Society. This deposit ensures course participation, completion and 100% passing rates for all our scholarship recipients. All PBS scholarships have a “Pay It Forward” requirement, where our scholarship recipients pay forward the knowledge they gained in their scholarship course. This is accomplished through either publishing an article or giving a speech at a national professional seminar or conference. Many recipients choose to Pay It Forward (PIF) at our highly anticipated PBS Great American Beer Festival (GABF) meeting & Education Seminar in Denver each autumn. Best wishes to all applicants!

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