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Sibyl Perkins
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Liquid Bread
LIQUID BREAD: Beer and Brewing in Cross-Cultural Perspective has just been released in paperback and Pink Boots Society members are being offered a 25% discount with this flyer: http://bit.do/LIQUID-BREAD 
This book explores beer as an ancient beverage and although it’s creation is a more complex process than that of wine, it was developed by multiple cultures and has become internationally popular.
“This book is the first multidisciplinary, cross-cultural collection about beer. It explores the brewing processes used in antiquity and in traditional societies; the social and symbolic roles of beer-drinking; the beliefs and activities associated with it; the health-promoting effects as well as the health-damaging risks; and analyses the modern role of large multinational companies, which own many of the breweries, and the marketing techniques that they employ.”  –  Alina Zihharev
“This important volume sheds new light on the social, political, and economic role of beer in society and greatly increases the depth and breadth of anthropological studies on drinking. Schiefenhövel and Macbeth have compiled a holistic and to some extent comprehensive volume that embraces biological, archaeological, linguistic, and sociocultural perspectives on beer…Highly Recommended.”  –  Choice
Additional information can be found here: http://berghahnbooks.com/title.php?rowtag=SchiefenhovelLiquid

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