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Sibyl Perkins
Women and Beer Education
Women In Beer


Similar in their informal approaches to helping women discover more about this historic fermented beverage, two cross-town meetings are always full of eager faces and tons of good vibes, making them a pressure-free way for ladies to talk beer.  

No boys allowed.

Bring some bottles to share or make a small donation to gain entry into the event, and if you can’t make it for this month’s Tippling Society, make sure you don’t miss May’s — it’ll be a celebration of the casual get-together’s second full year.  Sometimes the theme is a style or a season or a holiday; others, it’s an exploration of food pairings or a discussion of whatever beers are the guest’s favorite. The cost ranges from $10 to $20 (depending on the rarity and import factor of the beers being served).

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  1. Amanda and I at Sockeye Brewing in Boise have been discussing a way to coordinate some events to educate our local ladies on beer. I love the monthly meetings that shake up the topic! This is good stuff.

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