What is Big Boots Brew Day?
Held every year the weekend closest to International Womens’ Day, Big Boots Brew Day was born from the Pink Boots Society members’ amazing participation in International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day to raise the profile of women in the industry and to raise the profile of beer to women. On Big Boots Brew Day, Pink Boots chapters, members, breweries, and supporters all get together, don their pink boots, and get brewing!

What is International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day (IWCBD)?
Started by Sophie de Ronde in England in 2014, IWCBD was designed for camaraderie and to encourage women to brew together socially on International Women’s Day, March 8th, each year. Participants can upload and tag their photos on the IWCBD Facebook page. Big Boots Brew Day is one way you can participate in IWCBD and support Pink Boots Society at the same time.

Pink Boots Society added registration for those teams brewing for Pink Boots charity ON International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day in order to fulfill the requirements of our 501(c)3 designation with the IRS. Our event is called Big Boots Brew Day!

When is it happening?
To maximize participation, the official date for Big Boots Brew Day will be Saturday, March 5th, but if participants want to brew on International Women’s Day on the 8th, when IWCBD traditionally happens, that’s cool too! We understand that breweries have production schedules, and homebrew clubs and bottle shops might not be able to host on a weekday. When March 8th is on a weekday, feel free to adjust your brew schedule accordingly – just do it the closest you can BEFORE March 8th!

Who benefits?
Profits from Pink Boots Big Boots Brew Day and events and fundraisers using the Pink Boots names and logos will be donated to the Pink Boots Society.

Who’s participating so far?
You can register at the bottom of this page. 
Here’s the map of registered participants:

What is the Pink Boots beer style / recipe for 2016?
This year’s suggested style is…

Pink Boots Gose

Gose is a top-fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany. It is brewed with at least 50% of the grain bill being malted wheat. Dominant flavors include lemon tartness, an herbal characteristic, and a strong saltiness (the result of either local water sources or added salt) Gose beers typically do not have prominent hop bitterness, flavors, or aroma. The beers typically have moderate alcohol content of 4 to 5% ABV.  SEE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR FAQ re: Kettle Sour / use of lacto 

Each team will brew their own variation of the collaboration recipe, adjusted for local ingredients and sale-ability needs. (ie: If a Gose won’t sell, but an Imperial Raspberry Gose or an India Brown Ale will, please adjust accordingly.)

Each team will use a uniform name for their beer such as “Bobblehead Brewing’s Pink Boots Gose” or “Bobblehead Brewing’s Pink Boots India Brown Ale.”

Styles you might think about are listed in the BJCP guidelines, including
A. Berliner-Style Weisse
B. Leipzig- Style Gose
C. Contemporary Gose

The Gose guidelines are as follows:
50% Pilsner Malt (or Am. Two-Row Pale)
50% Wheat Malt
Noble Hop addition
Cracked Coriander
Sea Salt
OG (Plato) 1.036-1.056 (9.0-13.8)
ABV 4.4%-5.4%
IBU 10-15
Color SRM 3-9 (6-18 EBC)

How do I participate?

  1. Find a group to brew with. Professional brewers (and other women in the beer biz) and homebrewers alike are welcome to participate. Plan an event or find other women in your area who are already participating.
  2. Plan the day. Decide what your variation of the beer will be.
  3. Register online. You can register at the bottom of this page.
  4. Build your event. Let others know when and where and how they can join you! If you’re registered, you can use the Pink Boots Society logo or the Big Boots/Little Boots Brew Day logos to get the word out.
  5. BREW! and then Tweet and share your experience of Big Boots Brew Day. We want to see your photos!
  6. Promote and share your Pink Boots Gose. If you’re a brewery, you may choose to have a release event  or just promote it in your taproom or brewpub. We will have tap handle art and other materials available to help. Homebrewers and clubs can share their beer with others to raise awareness.
  7. Donate the proceeds to Pink Boots Society.
  8. Let’s do it again next year!

Where do I get logo and other promotional materials?
You’ll find all Big/Little Boots Brew Day materials here >

The details:
Registration and inclusion in Big Boots Brew Day with the use of Pink Boots logos, recipe, and fundraising materials are open to those breweries, individuals, and establishments who have pledged to donate 2016 proceeds to Pink Boots Society. Registrants will receive an online file of the hi-res artwork for the promotion of Big Boots Brew, including tap handle art, bottle art, posters, logos, access to hi-res photos, release party materials, event calendar, social media resources, and newsletter support.

By registering for and participating in Big Boots Brew, you acknowledge that your use of Pink Boots logo/name/platform for your Big Boots Brew event is with the express intended purpose of participating in Big Boots Brew, including Big Boots and Little Boots. You further acknowledge:

  • Your event will go on the event calendar & your location will be pinpointed in the global map for Big Boots /Little Boots Brew Day Events.
  • Your information, name, photos sent to us, your logo and/or brewery name may be included in newsletter links promoting your participation in Big Boots Brew Day.
  • Your brewery contact information may be shared with Pink Boots chapter leaders in your area
  • You acknowledge that WE DO NOT PULL PERMITS in Pink Boots Society name. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You acknowledge that the original intent of Big Boots Brew is to foster a sense of community support, education outreach, collaboration, and charity on behalf of your community.
  • Each team must be lead by a woman and/or a majority of the participants on the team must be women.
  • Each team will brew their own variation of the collaboration recipe, adjusted for local ingredients and sale-ability needs. (ie: If a Gose won’t sell, but an Imperial Raspberry Gose or an India Brown Ale will, please adjust accordingly.)
  • Events, tap takeovers, mini-fests with BBB/LBB beers on tap, etc. may use the PBS logo and name. Promotion of the beer; on labels, tap handles, menus, table tents, and any other promotional material, including websites and social media.
  • Have fun and stay safe!
  • Where media space permits, please mention that the beer is a fundraiser for PBS. (We understand there’s only room for the PBS logo on a bottle cap, but a beer label should mention the fundraiser aspect.)\
  • Please list our website www.pinkbootssociety.org and/or www.iwcbd.org on all promotional materials or online.
  • You acknowledge that use of the Pink Boots logo, platform, event title, names and intellectual property necessitates fulfillment of your donation pledge to PBS for the donations surrounding this event.
  • You acknowledge that donations to Pink Boots Society from Big Boots Brew events, releases, and earmarked proceeds are due to Pink Boots for tax recording purposes no later than June 15, 2016.

How much is registration?
Big Boots (donation pledge of no less than $50; suggested donations could be all proceeds from sale of Pink Boots Gose, $1 – $2 a pint, tip jar takeovers, proceeds from an all collaboration tap takeover, etc. Larger events and breweries, please pledge accordingly).

Little Boots (flat registration fee of $25; additional donations from supporting events or “fill the boot” donations appreciated!).

How much do I donate from beer sales?
Fundraising proceeds garnered from Boots Brew Day and surrounding events for Pink Boots Society are left to the discretion of each brewery. Participants understand that the amount of the donation may vary based on ingredients donated, the size of operation, etc. You may choose to donate 100% of the proceeds or $1.00 / $2.00 per pint sold. Last year, breweries and participants donated anywhere from $50 to nearly $5000 each!

Pink Boots Society’s IWCBD participation is our largest annual funding event, and PBS relies on the money raised to fund PBS’s scholarship & operational budget for the year. As a 501(c)3 charity, we are required to account for all money raised under our name and logo. The IRS and state agencies are cracking down on charity fraud, and we must keep accurate records or risk losing our precious 501(c)3 designation. We appreciate your consideration of these guidelines!

Where do I send my donation?
Snail Mail:
Pink Boots Society
5 N Hwy 101 #125
Warrenton, Oregon 97146

Or donate online at http://pinkbootssociety.org/donate/

Is there artwork for tap handles, bottles, posters, and Facebook pages?
Yes. We will be sending an email packet of artwork to each registrant. Registrants will receive an online file of the hi-res artwork for the promotion of Big Boots Brew, including tap handle art, bottle art, posters, logos, access to hi-res photos, release party materials, event calendar, social media resources, and newsletter support.

Here is the artwork you can use to produce t-shirts for your group:

Version 1:

PDF Format (vector file can be opened in Illustrator)>

Version 2:
PDF Format >

Are there hashtags to use for this event?
Participants are encouraged to take photos of their Boots Brew Day event, and post those online to social media by using an assortment of tags including #BootsBrewDay #IWCBD, #pinkbootssociety, #brewingforpinkboots, #BigBootsBrew or #LittleBootsBrew

I want our team to wear matching t-shirts, hats, or pins for Boots Brew Day. Where can I get Pink Boots gear?
You can find a variety of items at http://pinkbootssociety.org/shop

Thank you for the support you are giving to Pink Boots Society! Help us share that fact with the world!

What if we’ve never introduced lacto into our brewhouse or we don’t already have a process in place?

Some general information from Steph Cope, Head Brewer at CraftHaus in Las Vegas: If a brewery wants to give it a go, and hasn’t done before, as far as accommodating a kettle sour (we prefer a kettle sour rather than a sour mash), there are a million ways to do it- Ben (Breakside), Ben (Gigantic) and Sean (The Commons) gave a great talk at CBC on their processes….

Briefly, how we (CraftHaus) proceed with our two vessel Premier Stainless system is:

  • Mash process is as normal. Kettle sours can appear a little thin, so we like to add a portion of oats, and also mash a little higher than usual.
  • Once the wort is in the kettle, we boil to pasteurize and remove DMS. Length of boil can vary- from just raising to pasteurize temps, a 5 minute boil, 45 minute or 70+ minute… there are pluses and minuses to both. DO NOT ADD HOPS at this point (most lacto strains are sensitive to hops).
  • Post-boil we recirc through the heat ex-changer to drop the temp. This may require some re-jigging of your brewhouse. We recirculate concurrently and then through the whirlpool arm. It takes us longer to cool, but is easier for our set up. We also attach CO2 to the oxygenating stone to ensure no O2 gets into the wort during cooling (otherwise you may get buteric acid/vomit flavour/aroma). We sample pH during this time and add lactic to drop the pH to around 4.5pH to accommodate the lacto and inhibit other bugs.
  • Once temp (we aim for 90’F, but this temp varies pending what strain you use) and pH is reached and wort is purged of O2 we add our Lacto pitch- you can use either commercial pitches (white labs, wyeast, etc) or Yogurt or house cultured lacto from grain.
  • Seal up Kettle, and thoroughly clean around it. Set temp of kettle.
  • The time to reach the correct pH level varies (we aim for 3.45pH)… it may take 1 to 3 days, so it will need to be monitored (and tasted).
  • Once you hit your desired pH… boil and transfer as usual, pitch yeast-ideally something that can ferment at lower pH and attenuate well.
In our opinion this is the most legit way to get the acidity needed in a Gose. However, there is the option of adding lactic acid post-fermentation. It offers less dimension, but a little lactic acid may go a long way. We also brewed a non-sour beer with Rhubarb a little while ago and got a nice tartness from that.